Album Band B - French composers - Impressionism

For flute quartet or flute ensemble

Maurice Ravel, Ma mère l'Oye, Daphnis und Chloé (Lever du jour et pantomime)

Claude Debussy, Children's Corner (Golliwog's Cakewalk and The little Shepherd)

The 4. part can be performed by a C flute, an alto flute or a bass flute. Bass flute 2 ad libitum.

The Flutist Quarterly Spring 2019 - Album for flute Quartet or Flute Ensemble Band B: French composers - Impressionism Arr. Raphaëlle Zaneboni, dw 5006 Köbl Edition. Flutist, arranger, and composer Raphaëlle Zaneboni has published a beautifully rendered collection of arrangements in this album of Impressionist classics for flute quartet or ensemble. This is a wonderful addition to a collegiate or professional ensemble library and a great study of standard orchestral excerpts, as well![…]
Voicing is intelligently arranged on every piece, and the result is sheer beauty in color and depth, regardless of ensemble size. We had great fun working on these arrangements in my college flute ensemble, and I greatly appreciate the wonderful musical exercise they represent for my students in addition to the artistic merit of each as a concert piece. I cannot recommend this collection highly enough.

Nicole Riner

The National Flute Association

Köbl Edition